Quotes about Sales Success and Customers

Here are some quotes on the subject of sales success and getting customers (clients) for your company. Many of the wisdom contained in these quotations should be taken seriously in order to improve sales and grow your business.

John Naisbitt: In sales, as in medicine, a prescription before diagnosis is a mistake in the arts.
Herb Cohen: Successful collaborative negotiations require the discovery of what the contractor wants, and show him the way in which he can gain it and achieve his goals.
John Woods: A good relationship is the plane on which you will build mutually beneficial business relationships.
Lee Iacocca: Thanks to properly selecting the clients you will not be unnecessarily wasting time.
John Woods: The customer doesn’t buy the product, but the specific benefits, such as improved work, better quality and better service; Seller’s task is to ensure that he was pleased.
Robert Magnan: If you want to sell, talk to the person authorized to purchase. Otherwise, you will still toddle in one place.
Jeffrey P. Davidson: Before you sell, sometimes you will hear from a client: “no” seven times.
Lee Iacocca: If your product is great, you yourself do not have to be a great seller.
Charles Roth: The main reason for failure in closing the sale is vague or incomplete explanation of the need to purchase.
Estee Lauder: The cause of failure in sales is not a bad product, but a bad salesman.
Terry G. Vavra: Research shows that customer tends to re-purchase primarily thanks to cultural and professional service.
Anonym: This moment, in which the client feels bereft is your opportunity of a lifetime.
Charles Browder: There are no soft or hard sellers. There are only wise or foolish sellers.
Todd King: Win – win is the result of the game, which brings mutual benefits in all human relationships.
Anonym: Good seller does not have to beg customers to return to him.
Ferdinand Fournies: Even if you had the best service in the world, if you sell inefficiently, there will be nobody whom you could provide the service.
Bob LeDuc: Convince the customer that you are not baseless. Show him the testimonials of your satisfied customers who think of you as a trustworthy man.
Steven P. Cohen: Successful negotiations are those where both parties fill the terms of the agreement, which they reached together.
Ferdinand Fournies: Only the seller who cares about the client’s interests, not his own, will win a reward in the form of loyalty.
Bernard Baruch: Most of the successful people I know mostly listen, not talk.
Ferdinand Fournies: That’s what exciting in sales, but raises problems is to get customer forever. The secret to maintaining customer loyalty is the care of his interests; the role of the seller is to help the client make the best purchase.
Plutarch: Evidence strengthen confidence.
Sarah White: Closing in sales is a request for the client to perform a specific action. Small closure are those when we ask the client to take certain actions after the meeting; signing is the final closing of the transaction.
Zig Ziglar: In the way of each transaction are five objections: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.
Ferdinand Fournies: If the inefficient seller starts to act just as effective salesman, he will succeed.
Garson Kanin: Amateur feed on hope. Professionals work.

I think these collection of quotations about sales provide great tips for someone who just wants to start, or is already engaged in the sale business and wants to improve his results.

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